The following table outlines the 24-7 Concierge App pricing for the various feature sets.


                                                                                  First year Basic Pricing Special $15.00/Mo.

Basic Includes:

• Homepage with the following information: Custom Vendor Categories, Website Access, Information Summary Popup, Phone Number Popup, Driving Directions Popup, Uber Ride Services and Push Text Messaging, and Local Vendor Ratings Summary.
• Custom Vendor Category Listing Pages (e.g. Activities, Breweries, Dining, Wineries, etc.), and Vendor Summary Pages with Social Media Sharing (Email, Facebook, Twitter), Consumer Ratings and Reviews, as well as Groupon Coupon Access.
• Up to 20 pre-loaded vendor profiles
• 24/7 Concierge Apps available on Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets

Google Map Icon:

The Google Map Icon uses Google  Maps to provide a on-screen layout of the vendor locations relative to each other and your current location.  This is a valuable tool for understanding which vendor is closet to your current location.  It also allows you to get a real-time map update as your are traveling in your car.

YouTube Video:

Allows your company to add a YouTube video to your homepage, in the form of a “video” icon.  Once the user taps on the icon, they will be able to view your video on their mobile phone. Videos increase a user’s purchase probability by 73%.

Book Now Icon:

The “Book Now” allows the user to book a product or services directly from their mobile phone.

Self- Administration using 24/7 Concierge App Web-Based Administration Pages:

• IDC offers new vendor category Administration support, so you can add new vendor categories.
• IDC Concierge Apps include web-based Add/Edit Vendor Administration pages so that you can self-modify individual vendors and their associated content.
• IDC Concierge Apps allow you to add push text notifications for events, specials, etc.

Push Text Messaging Services:

Push Text Messaging Services is an invaluable tool. By facilitating “always-connected” mobile communications, customers can now secure a closer relationship than offered by traditional email services. So, whether it is announcement concerning an upcoming special or a new service offering, by “always connecting” with their customers and can increase the likelihood of these same customers purchasing products and services by as much as 43%, making Push Text Messaging Services an invaluable marketing tool.